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Find the best leads

Profinder’s better data helps with e.g.

Call hit rates


Time savings in prospecting


Sales growth


When choosing a partner in cooperation, it’s worth paying attention to tools, diverse targeting opportunities, and the marketability and responsibility of data. Along with responsibility, Profinder invests in a diverse range of targeting methods and in customer data accuracy, which are necessary in Fortum’s sales.
Eetu Järvinen
Finland Sales Manager, Consumer Solutions
Profinder’s target group service can help you find new prospects while decision-making data enriches the company’s own customer database. When a B2B target group service is integrated directly into CRM, it is simple and easy to use. I recommend Profinder’s B2B target group service to other companies carrying out B2B sales.
Jussi Järvinen
Head of Leasing, Commercial Properties
With Profinder, we achieve more with less work. Usually, we first profile the company’s current customer base using Profinder’s target group service. This gives us the profile of an ideal customer. With that, we can use Profinder’s service to find similar target groups and target sales and marketing to them.
Jarno Paananen
Customer Relationship Manager

Integrations with CRM systems

Up-to-date CRM data is at the core of every company’s business, as it is required for sales, marketing, and financial management. This can be taken care of easily and automatically using our integrations.

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